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Same day$ 4.99$ 0.65Cut off Time 12 PM647-351-6768
Rush$ 6.99$ 0.89Cut off Time 1:30 PM647-351-6768
Direct$ 9.99$ 0.99Cut off Time 3 PM
Panic$ 14.99$ 1.09Cut off Time 4:30 PM
647-351- 6768
Overnight$ 3.99$ 0.54Cut off Time 4:30 PM. 
Delivered by 12 PM
next day


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Courier Service at its Best

Care Courier shipping rates are calculated based on your origin postal code (the postal code you are shipping from), the destination postal code (the postal code you are shipping to), and what service (Same day, Rush, Direct, Panic, Overnight) you have chosen for your shipment to arrive at its destination. There are basic rates for each service + per km charges which vary for each service depending upon the distance.  The list rate is for shipment up to 10 lb. Shipments over this weight will be subject to an additional charge of $ 0.45 per lb.

We have chosen rates by distance because it serves our clients well. If the cargo travels less our clients also pay less.     

Reliable Courier Service of Toronto and the GTA


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M2H 1A1
M2J 1A1
M2K 1A1
M2L 1A1
M2M 1A1
M2N 1A1
M2P 1A1
M2R 1A1

M3A 1A1
M4K 1A1
M3C 1A1
M3H 1A1
M3J 1A1

M2H 9Z9
M2J 9Z9
M2K 9Z9
M2L 9Z9
M2M 9Z9
M2N 9Z9
M2P 9Z9
M2R 9Z9
M3A 9Z9
M3B 9Z9
M3C 9Z9
M3H 9Z9

M3J 9Z9

M3K 1A1
M3L 1A1
M3M 1A1
M3N 1A1

M4A 1A1
M4B 1A1
M4C 1A1
M4E 1A1
M4G 1A1
M4H 1A1
M4J 1A1
M3B 1A1

M4L 1A1

M3K 9Z9
M3L 9Z9
M3M 9Z9
M3N 9Z9
M4A 9Z9
M4B 9Z9
M4C 9Z9
M4E 9Z9
M4G 9Z9
M4H 9Z9
M4J 9Z9
M4K 9Z9
M4L 9Z9

M4M 1A1
M4N 1A1
M4P 1A1
M4R 1A1
M4S 1A1
M4T 1A1
M4V 1A1
M4W 1A1
M4X 1A1
M4Y 1A1
M5A 1A1

M5B 1A1
M5C 1A1

M4M 9Z9
M4N 9Z9
M4P 9Z9
M4R 9Z9
M4S 9Z9
M4T 9Z9
M4V 9Z9
M4W 9Z9
M4X 9Z9
M4Y 9Z9
M5A 9Z9
M5B 9Z9
M5C 9Z9

M5E 1A1
M5G 1A1
M5H 1A1
M5J 1A1
M5K 1A1
M5L 1A1
M5M 1A1
M5N 1A1
M5P 1A1
M5R 1A1

M5S 1A1
M5T 1A1
M5V 1A1

M5E 9Z9
M5G 9Z9
M5H 9Z9
M5J 9Z9
M5K 9Z9
M5L 9Z9
M5M 9Z9
M5N 9Z9
M5P 9Z9
M5R 9Z9
M5S 9Z9
M5T 9Z9
M5V 9Z9

M5W 1A1
M5X 1A1
M6A 1A1
M6B 1A1
M6C 1A1
M6E 1A1
M6G 1A1
M6H 1A1
M6J 1A1

M6K 1A1
M6L 1A1
M6M 1A1
M6N 1A1

M5W 9Z9
M5X 9Z9
M6A 9Z9
M6B 9Z9
M6C 9Z9
M6E 9Z9
M6G 9Z9
M6H 9Z9
M6J 9Z9
M6K 9Z9
M6L 9Z9
M6M 9Z9
M6N 9Z9

M6P 1A1
M6R 1A1
M6S 1A1
M7A 1A1
M7Y 1A1
M8V 1A1
M8W 1A1
M8X 1A1

M8Y 1A1
M8Z 1A1
M9A 1A1
M9B 1A1
M9C 1A1

M6P 9Z9
M6R 9Z9
M6S 9Z9
M7A 9Z9
M7Y 9Z9
M8V 9Z9
M8W 9Z9
M8X 9Z9
M8Y 9Z9
M8Z 9Z9
M9A 9Z9
M9B 9Z9
M9C 9Z9

M9L 1A1
M9M 1A1
M9N 1A1
N0A 1A1
M9R 1A1
M9V 1A1
M9W 1A1
M9P 1A1

M9L 9Z9
M9M 9Z9
M9N 9Z9
M9P 9Z9
M9R 9Z9
M9V 9Z9
M9W 9Z9
N0A 9Z9


L4T 1A1
L4V 1A1
L4W 1A1

L4X 1A1

L4T 9Z9

L4V 9Z9
L4W 9Z9
L4X 9Z9

L4Y 1A1
L4Z 1A1

L5A 1A1
L5B 1A1

L4Y 9Z9
L4Z 9Z9
L5A 9Z9
L5B 9Z9

L5C 1A1

L5E 1A1
L5G 1A1
L5H 1A1

L5C 9Z9
L5E 9Z9
L5G 9Z9
L5H 9Z9

L5J 1A1
L5K 1A1 

L5L 1A1

L5M 1A1

L5K 9Z9
L5L 9Z9
L5M 9Z9

L5N 1A1
L5P 1A1 
L5S 1A1

L5N 9Z9
L5P 9Z9
L5S 9Z9

L5T 1A1
L5V 1A1
L5W 1A1

L5T 9Z9
L5V 9Z9
L5W 9Z9


L6R 1A1
L6S 1A1

L6R 9Z9
L6S 9Z9

L6T 1A1
L6V 1A1

L6T 9Z9
L6V 9Z9

L6W 1A1

L6W 9Z9

L6X 1A1

L6X 9Z9

L6Y 1A1

L6Y 9Z9

L6Z 1A1

L6Z 9Z9

L7A 1A1

L7A 9Z9

M1B 1A1
M1C 1A1
M1E 1A1
M1B 9Z9
M1C 9Z9
M1E 9Z9
M1G 1A1
M1H 1A1
M1J 1A1
M1G 9Z9
M1H 9Z9
M1J 9Z9
M1K 1A1
M1L 1A1
M1M 1A1
M1K 9Z9
M1L 9Z9
M1M 9Z9
M1N 1A1
M1P 1A1
M1R 1A1
M1N 9Z9
M1P 9Z9
M1R 9Z9
M1S 1A1
M1T 1A1
M1V 1A1

M1S 9Z9
M1T 9Z9

M1V 9Z9

M1W 1A1
M1X 1A1

M1W 9Z9
M1X 9Z9

MarkhamL3P 1A1
L3P 9Z9
L3R 1A1
L3R 9Z9
L3S 1A1
L3S 9Z9
L6B 1A1
L6B 9Z9
L6C 1A1
L6C 9Z9
L6E 1A1
L6E 9Z9
L6G 1A1
L6G 9Z9
Richmond HillL4B 1A1
L4B 9Z9
L4C 1A1
L4C 9Z9
L4E 1A1
L4E 9Z9
L4S 1A1
L4S 9Z9

ThornhillL3T 1A1
L3T 9Z9
L4J 1A1
L4J 9Z9

ConcordL4K 1A1
L4K 9Z9

MapleL6A 1A1
L6A  9Z9

WoodbridgeL4H 1A1
L4H 9Z9
L4L 1A1
L4L 9Z9